4 New Studio Dance Floors at Stageworks

See the results of Le Mark’s installation of 4 brand new studio dance floors at the renowned Stageworks Studios.

Meden School on Sonata™ Ballet Floor

Le Mark’s child-safe Sonata™ Ballet Floor transformed the stage at Meden School.

Act Around on Meadow™ Sprung Floor

“It looks beautiful and feels wonderful to dance on”. Le Mark’s Meadow™ Sprung Floor at Act Around Performing Arts School.

Aspire School of Dance on Woodland™ Sprung Dance Floor

“The floor feels incredible”. A stunning new sprung dance floor and vinyl dance floor for adults and children of all abilities.

CAPA on Le Mark’s Woodland™ Sprung Dance Floor

A class room to dance studio transformation. Le Mark’s Woodland™ sprung floor gives CAPA a productive new rehearsal space.

Dan Tien Dance Centre on Le Mark Floors

“…just perfect for our classes and provides a valuable safe environment for our young performers”. See how Le Mark Floors worked for Dan Tien.

From Court Room to Dance Room

“We are so proud of our new floors and everyone has commented on how good they are to dance on.” Le Mark Floors impress Marron Theatre Arts.

Harmony™ Dance Floor for Katie Ventress School of Dance

“Perfect for my needs as a dance teacher of ballet, modern, tap and musical theatre.” See how Le Mark’s Harmony™ dance floor worked for the Katie Ventress School of Dance.

Meadow™ Sprung Floor for The Dance Centre

“…the new floor looks beautiful but more importantly feels fantastic to dance on” Le Mark’s Meadow Sprung Floor at The Dance Centre.