Aspire School of Dance on Woodland™ Sprung Dance Floor

Client: Aspire School of Dance

Objective: To provide a sprung dance floor suitable for performers of all ages and for a wide variety of dance styles.

Specific Requirements: Install a vinyl dance floor over the sprung floor which would be usable with a variety of dance styles and fitness work.

Installed Product: Woodland™ Sprung dance floor and Nocturne™ Reversible Dance Floor

Providing a stunning and completely new dance surface for people of all abilities, our install team have been working hard at the highly acclaimed Aspire School of Dance.

With classes for both children and adults in Ballet, Tap, and Street Dance as well as fitness classes for all ages, it was a perfect combination of our Woodland™ sprung floor and Nocture™ multi-purpose vinyl dance floor.

Woodland™ Sprung is our most popular sprung floor thanks to its progressive shock absorption system, minimising the risk of injuries to all performers and is particularly suitable for children and small dancers as it provides over 50% shock absorption from just 30kg.

Aspire School of Dance’s Principal Leonie Shephard said: “The floor feels incredible, and the installation team were very professional. We have had lots of great comments from our dancers about the floor!”

Nocturne™ Reversible is just one of our specialist vinyl dance floors that can be permanently installed over the Woodland™ system to provide the ultimate sprung dance floor. We wish Leonie and her team all the best for the future and hope that her success continues.