Meadow Wood Sprung Floor at Bluebell Ballet Studios

Above: Le Mark’s Meadow Sprung Dance Floor at Bluebell Ballet School

Bluebell protect their dancers with Meadow™ sprung floor

With Meadow™ Sprung Dance Floor, Bluebell Ballet school turn a cold and unforgiving dance area into a world-class performance space. Students now practice on a shock-absorbent dance floor that helps to protect their joints and prevent slips.

Bluebell Ballet School’s story

Based in Camberley, Bluebell prides itself on creating a space for performers to shine. Run by RAD registered teachers, the school hosts various classes for dancers of all ages. With multiple studios and a roster of students, high-quality flooring is one of the school’s most vital assets. 

“The right flooring solution is one of the fundamental assets in setting up our studio for success.” Said Sarah Birth, Principal and Director at Bluebell Ballet School. 

Replacing a tired dance floor

One of Bluebell’s dance floors had become well-used and worn. Consequently, it had very little ‘give’ and felt cold to perform on. By replacing their floor, Bluebell hoped to maintain a first-class learning experience and help students perform at their best.

Increasing protection with a sprung floor

Bluebell regularly teaches traditional ballet; a highly skilled ballet style which can be demanding on joints. As a result, Sarah was keen to incorporate a shock-absorbent sprung floor into their renovation. 

“With dancer safety in mind, we tried to find a floor which was sprung. Le Mark came recommended through a group of close friends. They were seen as a company that could help and advise, in addition to supplying quality products.”

Meadow™ offered shock absorbance and versatility

Le Mark’s Meadow™ sprung dance floor provided Bluebell with everything they needed. Offering 61% shock absorbance and a slip-resistant surface, Meadow™ could give dancers controlled movements and help protect their joints. Furthermore, Meadow’s durability and versatility would allow Bluebell to offer Pilates and Yoga classes on the same floor. 

Saving £1000s by self-installing

Self-installing a dance floor can potentially save £1,000s on professional installation. With only a few tools and a suitable subfloor, self-installing can bring a world-class dance floor into budget. As a result, that’s just what Bluebell did, and you can see the stunning results for yourself. 

Why did Bluebell choose Le Mark?

“Over and above the personal recommendations for Le Mark, it was the team that gave us the confidence to go ahead. In addition to advice over the phone, Le Mark shipped the samples out within only a couple of days. As a result, their fast service allowed us to see and feel the products first hand and make an informed decision.” Said Sarah.

Sarah concluded:

“Hannah was super knowledgeable, understood what we required and was able to offer suggestions easily.

Meadow was the best choice for us. It is easy to turn on, and you can really feel the energy through the floor when leaping!