Sprung Floor Range

Trusted globally by some of the best dance schools and academies in the world, our sprung floor range is one of the finest. In addition to the usual permanent installation sprung floor, we also offer a semi-permanent option, allowing your floor to grow as you do. Ideal for those in rental or lease hold premises. If you have any questions regarding installation if there’s anything can do to help, please feel free to contact us.

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Meadow Spring Wooden Dance Floor

Meadow™ Sprung Floor is a versatile wooden sprung dance floor built to accommodate a wide range of dance styles, making it an essential addition to any dance studio. As a semi-permanent installation it can be removed quickly and simply, even after many years of installed use. This means that as a dance studio grows or moves the floor system can simply be moved or added to as it is owned by the dance studio.

Woodland Sprung Floor

An area elastic professional sprung dance floor for all dance types. Woodland™ Spring is our most popular hardwood professional dance floor. Available in a variety of hardwood finishes: Oak, Beech, Ash and Canadian Maple. Woodland™ Spring is also available as a sub-construction in a plywood finish which allows a variety of specialist vinyl dance floor finishes to be permanently installed on the surface, such as Nocturne, Coda, Astral and Sonata.