Slip-resistant hardwood top


Shock-Absorbing Foam


HDF Hardboard


Existing Subfloor

Smart-Fit™ Cost-effective Sprung Dance Floor


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Smart-Fit is the perfect sprung floor for studios looking to get that shock-absorbing feeling whilst being conscious of costs. 

Low-cost shock-absorbance

Take your studio to the next level with a sprung floor. Offering 51% shock absorbance (test to EN 14808 standard), Smart-Fit provides noticeable cushioning for leaps and jumps. It’s our best value sprung floor. If you require higher shock absorbance or EN BS 14904-A4 specification, we recommend Meadow™ Sprung Floor.

Our easiest sprung floor to install 

Smart-Fit’s fully integrated foam-sprung system makes it one of the most uncomplicated sprung floors to install. Moreover, as it is so simple, you can make significant savings by installing this floor yourself rather than using a professional.

Beautiful hardwood for a stunning finish

The smooth and warming hardwood-top gives your dance studio a world-class look and feel. Furthermore, Smart-Fit offers a safe and slip-resistant dance surface for your students and meets friction coefficient requirements stated by EN 13036-4.

More details

  • Compatible with most underfloor heating systems 
  • Reaction to fire Standard EN 13501-1, Result Dfl-s1
  • Sport classification EN 14904 area elastic A3
  • EN14904 friction performance: 99-103, test method EN13036-4
  • Suitable for all dance styles, however an additional vinyl top is recommend for Tap, Irish and Flamenco.