Harmony™ Dance Floor for Katie Ventress School of Dance

Client: Katie Ventress School of Dance

Objective: To provide a cost effective, multipurpose dance floor for their dance studio.

Specific Requirements: The dance floor had to be able to support different styles of dance, such as Ballet, Tap and Jazz for their Musical Theatre classes.

Installed Product: Harmony™ Value Dance Floor (Grey)

Based in York, Katie Ventress School of Dance offers classes in ISTD Classical Ballet, Tap and Modern Theatre Dance as well as Drama and Musical Theatre for children as young as 18 months.

Katie, a professional dancer and ISTD trained Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance teacher, came to Le Mark for a cost effective dance floor to have in her brand new dance studio. The floor needed to be versatile, as different types of dance styles were going to be performed on it, as well as being able to put up with the many classes Katie offers. Le Mark’s Harmony™ Value ticked all of the boxes with its matt finish providing the perfect dance floor. Katie said: “The Harmony™ dance floor from Le Mark was very easy to lay, even as amateurs! It lays flat and the pale grey has really brightened up an old, dark room into a fresh, clean dance studio! Perfect for my needs as a dance teacher of ballet, modern, tap and musical theatre.”