Meadow™ Sprung Floor for The Dance Centre

Client: The Dance Centre

Objective: To provide a professional sprung performance floor within a tight refurbishment budget.

Specific Requirements: The sprung floor had to provide professional sprung properties for dance and performance but due to the limited refurbishment budget, the floor had to be a self-installed.

Installed Product: Meadow™ Sprung Floor (Oak).

An existing Performing Arts School in Bawtry, Doncaster, the Dance Space provides instruction for a varied portfolio of dance disciplines. The venue had an old Parquet wood block floor system that had been damaged by damp over the years and was buckling. The whole floor had to be removed along with the original bitumen subfloor and a new damp course provided. Due to the constraints on the budget being split between the landlord and the dance company, a happy medium was achieved through the choice of Meadow™ Sprung Floor. The semi-permanent wooden flooring was chosen not only for its affordability but also its incredible performance. It provided the budget conscious landlord with an affordable and durable floor, whilst the dance company benefitted from an attractive and high performing fully sprung dance floor.

A modern concern with many new dance schools and performing arts venues is the costs incurred with providing a professional floor into a venue that is not owned by them. Banks and financial institutions are often very wary of lending money for a dance floor that will permanently be part of the fabric of the leased building; it is a great bonus to the landlord but does not always make good financial sense to the fledgling start-up company. As a semipermanent floor Le Mark’s Meadow™ Sprung Floor is owned by the dance company and becomes an asset of the company so, therefore, it can be moved to a new venue and even expanded on if required.

Meadow™ is also quite simple to install and the final flooring was installed by a local flooring company involved with the main refurbishment. Janice Cotgreave, principle of The Dance Space, said “Le Mark helped us all the way and made the decision process simple, the new floor looks beautiful but more importantly feels fantastic to dance on”.