Dan Tien Dance Centre on Le Mark Floors

Client: Dan Tien Dance Centre

Objective: To provide a professional sprung floor with a strong, durable vinyl top suitable for all dance disciplines.

Specific Requirements: The sprung floor had to provide professional sprung properties for all dance disciplines but in particular provide shock absoprtion for small children as well as adults.

Installed Product: Woodland™ Sprung Wooden dance floor with Nocturne™ Reversible Vinyl Dance Floor.

The Dan Tien performing arts school in Watford
run dance, drama, performance and music classes for children aged 3+ as well as a variety of classes for adults. The Dan Tien has taken over the old Harebreaks Community Centre in Watford and has completely renovated the venue with new facilities.

Working with Jet Construction on the renovation of the venue, Le Mark was called in to provide the new dance floor installation. In consultation with the Principle Amy Lazzarini it was decided that Le Mark’s Woodland™ Sprung wooden floor would be the most suited due its progressive shock absorption characteristics.

Le Mark’s Woodland™ Sprung floor benefits the performer with progressive shock absorption. Most dance floors are designed and tested for shock absorption using a person weighing approximately 75kg but many female dancers and children are far lighter than this. Tests show that under varying loads, from just 30kg, Le Mark’s Woodland™ Sprung wooden floor still provides over 50% shock absorption thus minimising the risk of injuries to performers of all ages. Amy Lazzerini said “The Sprung floor supplied and installed by Le Mark is just perfect for our classes and provides a valuable safe environment for our young performers”.