Foam-Sprung Ballet Floor

Sonata™ Ballet Foam-Sprung by Le Mark Floors

From £30.45 per m²

Sonata™ Foam Sprung Dance Floor provides much needed shock absorption to almost any existing hard surface area. Often used as an instant rehearsal dance floor over concrete surfaces. Sonata™ Foam Sprung Dance Floor is also a perfect top layer for sprung floors, adding valuable point elastic shock absorption for en point work. Great for nearly all dance types, except hard shoe work.

  • Ballet specific dance floor
  • Foam-sprung
  • Controlled glide surface
  • Stunning matt finish

The top surface has excellent friction properties, helping to provide dancers with confidence during their performance. Compression floors have been used to create performance spaces in warehouses, exhibition halls, dance studios, university halls, village halls, schools and even home studios.

Installation: Portable & Permanent

Roll Width: 2m

Standard Roll Length: 10m, 20m

Colours: Black, Grey

Thickness: 6mm

Weight: 3.3kg/m2

Self-Install: This product is suitable for both temporary and permanent installations. We have created a detailed installation guide (please see Installation and Maintenance menu above) to help give you the information you need to self-install this floor. We also have a wide range of dance floor splicing tapes, double-sided tapes and dance floor cleaners.

Installation Service: If required, our professional, nationwide installation team can be onsite to install your floor. Please contact us for more information.

The surface is easily cleaned and maintained with our Bona Vinyl floor cleaning products.

Please contact us for our latest datasheet.

Also available as a home practice mat.
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