StudioTak™ Features in New London Pop-Up Called The Jones Family

StudioTak™ flooring was used by Create 180 to create the floor for the brand new pop-up called The Jones Family, ‘Keeping Up With the Jones’,…

StudioTak™ For The Kylie K Eyewear UK Brand Launch

…”Le Mark was the only choice!” explained Johnny Palmer, Founder and CEO of SXS Events.

A Slick Catwalk Created With Easy To Install StudioTak™

“Le Mark’s StudioTak flooring is an extremely good quality and cost effective option for temporary event floors allowing for colour and finish options not readily available elsewhere. There is no other company we would trust to offer the advice…”

StudioTak™ Gloss White Sets The Stage For Wedding Venue

“It completely changed the look of the venue. Our clients were wowed from the glossy effect, especially with the lighting reflecting off the vinyl…”

StudioTak™ for MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises

Blanketing the stage with a beautifully smooth white surface, Le Mark’s StudioTak™ completed the theme for MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises competition.

Another StudioTak™ Quality Finish

“We have used Le Mark’s products over the last 7 years and still use one of their dance floors that we have toured with for years as a smooth underlay for the studio floor. It provides a great start to a good finish”

Paloma Faith on StudioTak™

With a performance from Paloma Faith on the small stage venue at the South Bank Tower in London, set designer Dominic Chinea completed a coordinating theme with Le Mark’s StudioTak™ self-adhesive stage vinyl.

A Customised Stage Floor at a Fraction of the Cost

Using pieces of Le Mark’s self-adhesive StudioTak™ stage floor and Harmony™ dance floor, the team at The Watermill Theatre created a stunning stage floor.