StudioTak™ Features in New London Pop-Up Called The Jones Family

Client: Create 180

Client Brief:

  • Provide a gloss white floor
  • Easy to lay
  • Fit into the theme of the pop-up

Installed Product: StudioTak Gloss White

StudioTak™ was used by Create 180 to create the flooring for the brand new pop-up called The Jones Family, ‘Keeping Up With the Jones’, by Pop-up agency Meredith Collective.

Create 180 made vinyl print bubbles themselves and stuck it on the white StudioTak™ flooring to go with the pop-up theme.

Sharon Marshall, Performance Floor Manager at Le Mark, has seen StudioTak™ grow within the industry over the years:

“We’re so happy with the growth and wide range of uses StudioTak™ has been involved in since its launch over twenty years ago.”

Create 180 is the one stop shop for prop making, set building, costumes design, graphics and all that great stuff in the middle.