Custom Printed Floor for Katy Perry at Glastonbury

Client: All Access Stage & Productions Ltd

Product: Custom Printed Floor

Glastonbury 2017 was host to some of the biggest music superstars in the world. Over the course of the 5 day festival they had performances from Ed Sheeran and Radiohead to Katy Perry and Foo Fighters.

All Access Staging & Productions Ltd were tasked with supplying band risers and a custom set of stairs for Katy Perry’s performance, on the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night of the festival. The top of the stairs had to have a very specific blue tear shape. Matt Bull, Sales Manager at All Access, knew exactly where to turn to get the teardrop custom printed floor.

“I spoke to Hannah in the printed floor department at Le Mark as I have worked with her for many years now and I knew she would produce a quality finished product”.

Matt sent through the artwork and pantone colour for the teardrop – Le Mark then printed the design onto Harmony™ Value vinyl floor and cut it into the teardrop shape of approximately 2m x 4m.

“The stage looked amazing after we had finished setting everything up, with the teardrop floor placed on top of the silver and black stairs at the back of the stage” concluded Matt.

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