A Customised Stage Floor at a Fraction of the Cost

Client: The Watermill Theatre

Objective: Provide a low cost alternative to a custom printed floor for the play “But First This”.

Specific Requirements: Combine two separate floors to create a stunning art-deco style dance floor.

Installed Product: Harmony™ Value and StudioTak™ Self-Adhesive Studio Flooring

“We needed an ‘Art Deco’ style floor which, unfortunately, I could not afford” explained Lawrence T Doyle, Production Manager.

Using cut pieces of Le Mark’s self-adhesive StudioTak™ studio floor and applying them to our Harmony™ Value dance floor, the team at The Watermill Theatre we able to create a stage floor with stunning visual effects, matching the play’s theme.

Lawrence continued: “With help and advice from Sharon at Le Mark we bought a black Harmony™ Value dance floor and StudioTak™ flooring to cut and stick onto it.”

Starting with an image from their designer, Hayley Grindle, which they then adapted into 2 pattern shapes – the cut out “bow tie” shape that alternates vertically and horizontally and a square that fills in the corners. Once they worked out the dimensions it was easy to repeat – it was just a few hours of sticky back plastic fun!

Larwence concluded: “The team here spent a few hours cutting and sticking the design on. The great advantage with the low tack StudioTak™ was that not only did it forgive mistakes that were easy to correct but at the end of the production I still have the asset of a black dance floor.”