Harmony™ reusable floor transforms stage night after night.

Client: Creative Structure Ltd

Client Brief: Provide a cost effective, reusable stage floor that could be quickly rolled out to transform a basic stage. With a short turnaround between acts the floor also needed to be rolled away for storage just as fast.

Installed Product: Harmony™ High-Gloss

“We did a fair amount of research on flooring because we didn’t have a large budget for the show” explained Ian Grant, Partner at Creative Structure Ltd. He continued: “We needed something that would make the space abstract but give it a lift from the simple grey vinyl floor of the basic stage”.

Fast installation and removal of the floor was essential due to the short turnaround time between acts. With a combination of super-fast lay-flat technology and a stunning high-gloss finish, Le Mark’s Harmony™ High Gloss stage floor met the brief perfectly.

“It gave great emphasis to the lights above the stage, and addressed the space exactly to our concept. The material was very easy to work with. It rolled up and lay down every night very smoothly without wrinkling or cracking. Le Mark’s customer service and warehouse staff were all very helpful and swift. A pleasure to work with!” concluded Ian.

Creative Structure Ltd offer realistic, incisive, experienced advice in new fiction writing and creative industry management and also produce plays. This production was a 1 act play called “A Prayer”, written and acted by Niall Bishop and performed at The Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar in London.