Meadow Sprung Dance Floor with 61% Shock Absorbency

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Meadow™ High Shock-absorbency Sprung Dance Floor

Meadow is the ideal sprung floor for dance studios that want premium shock absorption and outstanding performance consistency.

Shock absorption to the max

Meadow’s 61% shock absorbency offers greater flexibility, comfort and energy absorption than any other sprung floor in our range. As a result, it’s our most effective floor for cushioning energetic choreography, with consideration for users joints and cartilage at the forefront of its design.

Consistent performance. Every step.

Meadow’s edge-to-edge foam-sprung system provides incredible consistency and gives dancers dependable support and control. Moreover, Meadow’s quality construction conforms to multiple Sport England requirements and EN BS 14904-A4. 

Stunning hardwood for a beautiful finish

The smooth and warming FSC certified hardwood-top gives your dance studio a world-class look and feel. Furthermore, Meadow provides a safe and slip-resistant surface for your students to practice and perform. 

Additional features:

  • Sport classification EN BS 14904-A4. 
  • EN14904 friction performance: 87
  • FSC certified hardwood-top
  • Finished include: Oak, Beech, Ash and Maple
  • 25-year guarantee when professionally installed by Le Mark (T&Cs apply)
  • Suitable for all dance styles, however an additional vinyl top is recommend for Tap, Irish and Flamenco.

Installation: Portable & Permanent

Board Dimensions: 14mm (+3.5mm for wood finish) x 215mm x 2200mm

DHF board: 7mm thick

Boards Per Pack: 4 (1.84m²)

Colours: Oak, Beech, Canadian Maple, Ash

Weight: 10.4kg/m2

Self-Install: This product is suitable for both temporary and permanent installations. We have created a detailed installation guide (please see Installation and Maintenance menu above) to help give you the information you need to self-install this floor. We also have a wide range of dance floor splicing tapes, double-sided tapes and dance floor cleaners.

Installation Service: If required, our professional, nationwide installation team can be onsite to install your floor. Please contact us for more information.

The surface is easily cleaned and maintained with our Bona floor cleaning products.

Please contact us for our latest datasheet.


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Meadow Sprung Dance Floor at Act Around Performing Arts School

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Meadow Sprung Dance Floor at The Dance Centre

Meadow™ Sprung Floor for The Dance Centre

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