Le Mark Floors on ABTT’s Live Stage

Installed Product: Harmony™

Venue: ABTT Theatre Show 2016, London

Client Breif:

  • Provide a dance floor suitable for a huge variety of dance styles
  • Matt black finish
  • Easy and fast to install

Le Mark’s Harmony™ dance floor received an impressive response following live performances on the ABTT Theatre Show’s Live Stage. Used for performances and demonstrations throughout the show where product suppliers and professional Choreographers were invited to inspire, entertain and demonstrate their products and professional work.

“We had the great opportunity of working with Harmony™ Dance Floor when creating a show at the ABTT THEATRE SHOW 2016. It’s such a great floor to work on! We tried all forms of dance and acrobatics, wearing a huge variety of performance shoes including ballet shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, and the girl’s heels! The floor got a hammering with the performers who found it great to turn on…and it stayed smooth and pristine. Such a fantastic surface. I look forward to working with Harmony™ again in the future.” Said Antony Johns, Creative Consultant & Professional Choreographer.

Ned Lay, Freelance Production Manager for the ABTT Theatre Show commented: “The installation was easy, as is the majority of Le Mark floors. It settles quickly, is responsive and rigid enough to be manipulated and handled by one person. This product gives you the ability to turn rehearsal spaces and black box studios into a dancer friendly environment in a very short period of time.”

ABTT’s David Mayo said: “Le Mark are well known in the industry for tapes and labels. At the show this year, we were making specific efforts to highlight some of the newer developments in the marketplace. Le Mark flooring is an excellent product, ticks all the boxes and we actually got to use it in anger in a performance environment. There’s nothing like a proper road test to show off a product.”

First staged in 1978, the ABTT Theatre Show helps bring together a professional industry to offer an exhibition, forums, workshops and product demonstrations with an opportunity for discussion, discovery and development. Unlike many other exhibitions, the purpose is to raise money to fund the work of the registered charity, The Association of British Theatre Technicians.