Warriorz Dance on Le Mark’s Harmony™

Client: Warriorz Dance on Le Mark’s Harmony™

Client Brief:

  • Provide a dance floor suitable for multi-purpose use
  • Suitable for a loose-laid application in their studio
  • Black finish
  • Available at a competitive price

Installed Product: Harmony™ Value

Owning an outstanding, multi-purpose dance floor without the big price tag is no longer just a dream thanks to Le Mark’s Harmony™ Value.

Harmony™ Value is single-sided and lightweight (yet durable), making it perfect for both touring and permanent studio use. Warriorz Performing Arts Academy (WPAA) are one of the latest academies to looselay Harmony™ in their dance studio.

WPAA offers professional training for young people in Hip-Hop, Commercial, Jazz dance and acting. In search of a dance floor to accommodate all of their needs, they got in touch with Le Mark:

“We recently just got our own dance studio space and we love our flooring, it’s perfect for all of our classes!” said WPAA’s Founder, Zara Richard.

The students at WPAA participate in a theatre company show twice a year. They also compete every year at UDO, SDI and general competitions. Some of the students have even had the opportunity to work with Disney Channel and do music videos with artists.