Woodland™ Sprung Dance Floor

An area elastic professional sprung dance floor.

A professional sprung dance floor, suitable a variety of dance styles and performers of all abilities. Woodland™ is our most popular hardwood professional dance floor. Its dual-zone, foam sprung system provides over 50% shock absorption for performers weighing as little as 30kg. Ideal for studios, schools and academies with performers of all ages. Available in a range of solid wood finishes including Oak, Canadian Maple, Beech and more.

•    Dual-zone, foam sprung system
•    Shock absorption for performers from a little as 30kg
•    Virtually unlimited user maximum weight load*
•    Provides over 50% shock absorption**
•    Compatible with stage access equipment*
•    Usable with most underfloor heating systems
•    Sustainably sourced hardwood
•    EN 14904

Also available as a sub-construction plywood finish which allows a variety of our specialist vinyl dance floors to be permanently installed on the surface, complimenting your dance style of choice.

Please note, as a nature of the product, wood surfaces can mark. For hard shoe work, i.e. Tap, Stilettos etc. we always recommend a suitable performance vinyl top finish.

*Contact us for full information & maximum weight loads. ** Performers 30kg and over.

Installation: Permanent

Board Dimensions: 28mm x 137mm x 2200mm

Finished: Oak, Beech, Canadian Maple, Ash.

Weight: 11.6kg/m2

All hardwood used is taken from managed sustainable sources. Woodland Sprung is also available as a sub-construction in a plywood finish which allows a variety of specialist vinyl dance floor finishes to be permanently installed on the surface, such as Nocturne.

Woodland Spring can be installed directly on top of the existing floor or sub-floor. The sub-floor must be stable, self-supporting and level. Le Marks use of specialist installation equipment ensures the correct application of adhesive and the effective installation of the floor. Due to its extremely low finished floor height (28mm) it is well suited for renovation purposes and works very well when installed for dance studio conversions from existing public buildings.

Installation Service: If required, our professional, nationwide installation team can be onsite to install your floor. Please contact us for more information.

The surface is easily cleaned and maintained with our Bona floor cleaning products.

Please contact us for our latest datasheet.


Woodland Sprung Dance Floor at Marron Theatre Arts

From Court Room to Dance Room

“We are so proud of our new floors and everyone has commented on how good they are to dance on." Le Mark Floors impress Marron Theatre Arts.
Sprung Stage Floor at Edge Hill University (Installation)

Sprung Stage Floor for Edge Hill University

"The fact that we can run heavy height access equipment on the floor is incredibly useful - we can be rigging at 10am and have a dance class in at 10:15." See how Le Mark floors help productivity at Edge Hill University.