Sonata™ Foam dance floor for an inspirational Dance School

Client: Spotlight Dance

Client Brief: 

  • Provide dance floor suitable for multiple dance styles
  • Suitable for use directly over a concrete floor
  • Suitable for dancers of varying abilities

Installed Product: Sonata™ Foam-Sprung Dance Floor

“We were truly inspired by the ethos at Spotlight Dance and their incredible approach to adapt and overcome issues that effect many professionals looking to startup and grow their own dance business.” Said Le Mark’s Sharon Marshall.

Since starting in 2009, the now named Spotlight Dance has grown to become a well know and trusted school for dance training. Not only praised for their approach to dance, but also how they offer a place for young children to learn a unique skill, helping them gain confidence, new friends, have an enjoyable hobby and teach a discipline they feel only dance can provide.

Like many independent schools, Spotlight have to make the most of the facilities that are available. Operating in shared facilities with non-specific floor surfaces, they needed a professional dance floor that could be laid quickly and then stored away after each use.

Le Mark were very helpful and recommended the best floor to use. Although initially they advised not putting any of their floors over carpet as it would move, I was willing to find a solution.” said Sarah Stead, Manager and Principle Dance Teacher.

Sarah continued ““We cut the floor into four five-meter pieces. The floor is heavy, there’s no denying that fact! Usually there are two of us to set out and clear away the floor, however it is possible to do it alone as I have done so many times. We use two-inches wide velcro and dance floor tape to hold the flooring in place on the carpet”.

Sarah uses another hall for ballet, tap, street and dance fit classes three days a week. Concerned for the pupils’ safety during dance as they were doing all levels of steps straight onto a concrete floor, Sarah came back to Le Mark for more flooring. “We did a lot of fundraising for the second floor. The pupils and myself brought in cakes to sell and parents companies sponsored us. I wrote to the parish council and they gave us half of what we needed! In the end it only took us 2 months to raise the funds. “Overall I am very impressed and pleased with the service I received. We had a budget for the first floor and the Le Mark floor came in below. You pay for durability, quality, good customer service and above all a portable floor that works for what we need”.