Light Partner to distribute Le Mark Floors in Denmark

We’re pleased to announce that Light Partner, a well established supplier of lighting equipment for theater, event and television, will be the official distributor for Le Mark Floors in Denmark.

Le Mark’s head of export, Lauren Arnold commented:

“We’ve worked with the team at Light Partner to distribute our professional tapes for a number of years. They’ve done an amazing job developing the MagTape® brand in Denmark. They have excellent knowledge of the industry and we’ve seen first hand how particular they are with the finer details, working with both us as a supplier and direct with their customers. There was no hesitation to work with them for our floors and we’re going to support them in every way we can.”

Light Partner’s Stig Meyer Jensen said:

“We’ve chosen to be the Le Mark Exclusive flooring distributor in Denmark because of the very good quality to price ratio of the products and the excellent customer service.”