Harmony™ Value Vinyl Dance Floor - Close

Bringing new life to an old floor.

Client: Lynne Chilver School of Dance

Client Brief:

  • Provide a multi-purpose dance floor
  • Suitable for a variety of dance styles
  • Easy to trim, install and store
  • Of economical value

Installed Product: Harmony™ Value Dance Floor

Established for over 30 years, the Lynne Chilver School of Dance offers a very high standard of training to children in a creative and happy environment. The school has helped students go on to perform in shows throughout the UK, in the West End, and abroad.

Like many independent dance schools, rehearsal space is limited to local availability. When one of the halls, which consisted of a very old wooden floor, became too splintery to use Lynne Chilver, Principal, decided that a portable, multi-purpose dance floor cover had to be found.

“We have bought a 2m x 10m roll of Harmony™ flooring from Le Mark – we’ve cut it into three pieces and so we can quite quickly lay these three ‘mats’ side by side to cover the floor and make it safe and suitable to dance on, whether barefoot or in ballet, tap or jazz shoes,” said Lynne, who went on to explain why she chose Harmony™ flooring specifically:

“I chose Harmony™ because it is lightweight for rolling and storage purposes and a reasonable price; it gets taped down the joins but we haven’t needed to tape it to the floor as it doesn’t move”.