A Painted Harmony™ Value Floor in a Brand New Musical

Client: Christine Piper, Freelance Production Manager

Client Brief:

  • Provide a versatile dance floor
  • Black surface
  • Can be painted with their own design

Installed Product: Harmony™ Value

Dance studios, tours, musicals and one-night events – whatever the occasion, Harmony Value™ can always bring something to the table.

Christine Piper, Freelance Production Manager, approached Le Mark in need of a versatile dance floor suitable for a musical at The Park Theatre in London. Harmony™ Value’s lightweight construction and inner mineral fibre insert allows it to lay flat almost instantly from the roll, making ideal for quick and easy preparation for live performances.

Buskers Opera, a new musical written by Dougal Irvine, is set during the London 2012 Oylmpics and had Harmony Value painted to represent a stylised version of the London tube map.

“The Park Theatre is a thrust stage and therefore the flooring makes up the majority of the set. The dance floor took the paint well and provided a good surface for the cast to dance on.” Christine Piper, Freelance Production Manager.

PLEASE NOTE: Harmony™ Dance Floor is not always suitable for painting. Please contact us for more information.