Meadow™ Sprung Floor at the home of champions.

Client: Marina Studios

Objective: Provide a wooden multi-purpose sprung dance floor for 3 professional dance studios

Specific Requirements: The floor needed to be from our semi-permanent sprung floor range which could be removed and re-installed at a new location if required.

Installed Product: Meadow™ Sprung Wooden Dance Floor

Marina Studios is Brighton Marina’s new dance and fitness studio complex. A vibrant hub for the dance and fitness fanatics across Sussex and beyond.

Prior to its official opening on the 5th January 2014, Le Mark’s easy to install Meadow™ Sprung Floor was hand selected by Marina Studio’s Annelies Omari to go into each of their 3 professional dance studios.

Le Mark’s Dave Cartwright quoted

“One of the key benefits of the Meadow™ Sprung is not only in its ability to provide an exceptionally responsive dance floor but as a semi-permanent installation it can be removed quickly and simply even after many years of installed use. This means that as a dance studio grows or moves, the floor system can simply be moved or added to as it is owned by the dance studio and not the Landlord.”

Marina Studios provide extensive quality dance and arts opportunities they offer a wide range of dance and fitness classes for all ages, from babies through to the local active retired community.

It has 3 fully equipped sprung dance floor studios available to hire on a regular or one-off basis for any number of uses, including rehearsal and exhibition space.

Marina Studios are also proud to be the home of Streetfunk, the South Coast’s premier multi award winning Hip Hop dance school and their competition crews, Stereoshok (Current World Street Dance Champions) and BN1 (UK & South Coast Street Dance Champions).