Duo™ Completes Swimming Pool Stage On The TUI Discovery

Client: All Access Staging & Productions

Client Brief:

  • Provide a performance floor
  • Suitable for live performances
  • White finish

Installed Product: Duo™

Duo™ is one of Le Mark’s newest performance floors: a double-sided, versatile touring floor made specifically for live events, whether they are for one night or portable use.

All Access were asked by the creative team at Black Skull Creative to find a way to place a stage in the swimming pool on board the cruise ship TUI Discovery for its launch on the 10th of June. Requirements included building a stage into the ships swimming pool, as well as a main stage for Jess Glynne to perform on.

Having worked with Le Mark in the past, All Access knew where to go to get a quality performance floor for the event they had been tasked with. “We’re very excited about Duo™, it has excelled in every event it has been used in so far!” Sharon Marshall, Performance Floors Manager at Le Mark.

All Access, founded in 1991, specializes in concerts, touring, television, festivals, special events, award shows, sports entertainment and production services, and have offices worldwide.