Le Mark’s high gloss floor tours with the Blood Wedding

Client: Dundee Rep Theatre

Objective: Provide a high gloss floor for a touring production.

Specific Requirements: Our client needed a highly durable portable stage floor which would be fast to install and just a easy to remove for transport throughout the tour’s 40 performances across England and Scotland.

Selected Product: Harmony High-Gloss

The inner mineral fibre layer built into Harmony™ High-gloss made it the ideal floor
for this touring production. Flattening out from the roll almost instantly, it keeps installation times to a minium. The high gloss surface, with care, would give a stunning water-like gloss effect which would last throughout the tour.

A few words from our client:

“We were very pleasantly surprised how well the floor stood up to the heavy use as we expected a high gloss floor like that to start showing signs of wear and tear much more. As it was, with regular cleaning, it lasted right through till the end of the run” – Nils Den Hertog, Head of Production, Dundee Rep Theatre.

The Blood Wedding was a co-production of Dundee Rep, Graeae Theatre Company and Derby Theatre which toured at the beginning of the year. For more information visit http://www.graeae.org