Dynamic™ at the New Vic Theatre

Client: New Vic Theatre

Client Brief: 

  • Provide a professional vinyl dance floor
  • Have a timber-effect finish
  • Support creative lighting effects
  • Maintain the design aesthetics of their production
  • Be able to be transported and installed at numerous locations
  • Be painted on, in select areas*

Installed Product: Dynamic™ Wood-Effect Dance Floor

Met with universal approval from the entire team, Le Mark’s Dynamic™ wood-effect dance floor has recently been installed in the New Vic Theatre’s 597 seater, two level auditorium.

Selected for the New Vic’s recent production, “KISS ME QUICKSTEP”, which includes 7 professional actors and a community ensemble of 16 dancers. Being a multi-venue production, it was essential the dance floor could be easily transported and re-installed at the two other venues in the tours’ calendar.

Production manager Steve O’Brien commented: “We’ve used Le Mark flooring a number of times before and once the creative team had seen the samples we found making the choice pretty straightforward”.

He continued: “The lighting department rate it as the best dance floor to light they’ve ever had, the acting company love the dance surface and choreographer Bev Edmunds is very impressed with it. It’s a quality product and I was very happy with the price Le Mark gave us”.

*This is not a stated feature of the floor and was tested for suitability by the client for their specific purpose.

Photos courtesy of Production Photographer Andrew Billington